Hello everyone, i wanna talk today about a topic which touches me personally as well and i wanna thank C.P Romania 🇷🇴 for sharing her story with cancer with us, when i asked her what can you say about it,she said:
(( Never lose hope!Now i want to live !IMG_1292.JPGNo more putting myself down, i want to love my life and myself more than anything, but not more than God!To do things that I always dream of, but didn’t afford because I kept myself down on the list!,i want to focus only on the beauty of life and be grateful as much as i can !you know Its not cancer who kills us, we die actually when we don’t find the will to live anymore ! I’ve been through true hell…My battle with cancer was all about faith, praying…. believe! Cancer teaches me that death is very close, and that life will never last forever,so its worth to live it to the last moment!.i just Smile when people are acting stupidly ,or when i see someone doing harm to themselves or to others! I say to myself …. that all those people are so poor from inside, ignorant … they don’t know anything about life and they don’t know that maybe this is their last chance to make things right… and i just walk away from them!.You know this disease is so frightening and very hard indeed, but it has one single privilege ! It will give you the chance to live twice: if you make it through , its like a new life been re-giving to us!.But if you did not ! You will have the privilege to appreciate each single moment day and night ! Even the smallest details without this silly calculation or drama around us, appreciate the blessing of each life aspect no matter how trivial it is…..))
Well said ! We dont need cancer nor any kind of massive pain indeed to know how to live , or to know how to count the blessing of each moment of our-lives no matter how hard it sounded,its true nothing will kills us if we find the will to live, and when we’ve been offered a new beginning in what so ever its completely a new life so don’t waist it as life is really very short we may not find another chance again .
Please share any comments you like with C.P Romania 🇷🇴 ,C.P thank you, you are very brave and inspiring.

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