Every night before I sleep I keep thinking over and over: why I’m still here ?
What’s the reason I am alive?
What’s the things that should stop me from killing myself?
A lots of why’s and what’s, but always with the same answers: non.
Don’t get me wrong,she said :
I really tried many time to push my self up , to raise again from this depression .
To change my life in any way ,even in a simple ways , but it all failed .
or I failed!
You know what’s so funny ?
She continued: that I tried many times to do it, to end it up.
I once took lots of med , but naa it didn’t work out!
I even cut my wrist ,But even this one too didn’t work out as well!
There was somebody to rescue me .
As if I asked them to!
They don’t know that I don’t need anyone to rescue me from death ! I need someone to rescue me from life actually.
Story by AR 🇬🇧 Dubai
Join me to shed some light on women who are ashamed to cry out for help when they are suffering from any form of abuse.
Your cry out for help will be the light to lighten your first step into healing
Its not easy ,it hurts, but Its fine
Please visit my blog for more and share any inspiration words for women.
#unwoman #amnestyinternationaluk #abusedwomen #suicidal #life #death
#unwoman #bebold #healing #lovelife

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