When you’re hurt emotionally you don’t know exactly what’s hurting you, what kind of medicine can cure you , nothing can express or describe it.
You feel like words and languages are deaf and blind and what is left is only a blade to go through my skin and provide a fence of numb feelings yet very compelling .
When i used to cut my hands it was my way to translate emotional pain into physical one so it will be seen , so it will be controlled .
I used to look at my scars and see how pain was engraved so that I wont forget it , I cannot forget it .
How my agony used to cut ways through my skin with a map designed with every minute of my whole life .
Some of this scares managed to find a way out then vanished ,but others were as deep as the soul will remain scars forever .
one thing which really scared me ! that after I cut, i felt better!
feeling bad to me means feeling good after all.
Sorry by S.J UAE 🇦🇪
It hurts, it’s not easy , but it will be fine
High five 🖐 for every woman who keep rising herself up over and over her own pain and agony ✌💪
#amnesty #unwoman #strongwoman #fighter #survival #agony #womenoffaith #womenofpower #emotionalabuse #abuse #scars #feelgood #metoo #loveyourself

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