She said:the most important thing is that a woman should always feel wanted , should be strong and confidant no matter whats going on in her life, or no matter in any situation she will end up to.
I am a single hard working mum ,I have a little beautiful boy , I never want or had the choice of ended being single with a child !
I have to take care of my little boy ,i have to be strong. I should teach him how to be a man and how to respect a woman .
Men has no control over us unless we want to .men has no voice over an independent strong women.
I want to enjoy life, I have a lots of thing to give And to do .
J from Kenya 🇰🇪
How strong and confident she was ,from the look of her eyes you can see her strength , I wish you all the best in your life J you are an inspiration not to the Kenyans women ,but to all women around the world .
#IWD18 #kenyanwomen #strengh #inspiration #IWD #unwoman #respect #singlemom #kenya #timeisNow #beyou #womenoffaith #amnesty

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