If I look back at my life ,I cant find a lots of happy moments ? And If there is ones I still remember it should be short as sadness will offer combination Immediately.
In my chiledhood I remember how I used to be happy with the smallest things ,I guess that is the measurement, why I’m complaining now lool .
I remember how my mum used to struggle to provide almost what we need , when we used to go with her to the market ,she used to say : don’t look at the banana, we cant afford it ,look at the other side .
Me and my sister used to play with the stuffed dolles ,a Barbie doll was a dream for us? But all was fine i guess till i start to grow older ,I hated it to be frank , growing old is really a trap ?
What I can recall is the pain from the countinous disappointment in ourlives over and over , disappointment from getting a job and providing a means of living to my family without having to lay down for sex , from losing friends and lover and being outcast with a scarlet letter from my society ! And of course from losing my dreams one after one till i became numbed for happiness I think.
I’m 38 years old now and I can’t find one complete single happy moment in my whole life . How miserable I am .
Story by F.G Dubai 🇵🇸
Creat your own happiness , refuse to be society’s lables ,logos or tages ,and its true it’s always in the small things !.
It hurts , it’s not easy , but it will be fine
#IWD18 #pressforprogress #happiness #mylife #amnestyuk #amnesty #humanrights #unwoman #women #superherogirls #childhood #scarletletter #society #fucksociety #strongwoman #womenoffaith

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