It was a calm afternoon summer’s day ,the sun set was almost over , the brown orange color was strongly dominating the atmosphere .i was standing in my jeans and white shirt in the middle of the street crying ,I remembered that day very well .My mum was sick in the hospital and I didn’t have money to pay her bill,I needed 20$ ,that was a big amount back then.i was 19 years old. I did not know what to do,I went out and started walking till I got tired and stopped. Suddenly a car stopped by me and one guy asked me why are you crying? and I told him with tears in my eyes: I need 20$?
He told me ok I will give it to you just come with me? But I didn’t hear anything as i was blind by my tears, then he asked me again what do you want? I said I need 20$! he said OK I will give you 20$ just come with me ! . And I didn’t even think I just got in the car and I went with him and he gave me 20$ and gave me even extra. I went back to the hospital I paid the bill and that was my first time I get laied for money!.
Only the first few times will be hard ,later you will be numbed!.
The next time I needed money, I only stood in the street doing nothing saying nothing another car stopped and I went with him and took money again! .
I became a slave to the streets,I felt my body no longer belongs to me. It belongs to those who pay to make me theirs.
Men for me was the same, different only in chape. Some had unfulfilled appetite for sick sex, love, romance .others were driven by chauvinistic motives, such as a desire to slavery and domination or even beating women and ohh how I hated this!.
I couldn’t take this life anymore, I said enough is enough no more abusing and run away from everything, i left the country for good.
Now here I am ,having a new life ! New beginning which I thought before in every night I used to close up the door after leaving any man it would be impossible.
Story by F.H Uzbekistan

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